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Capra Koza OBI Spock (Sold with breeding options)

Spock was born April 2 2013 and is black with a few white spots and has blue eyes and is polled.  We have sold Spock to one of our neighbors with the agreement of breeding rights.  Spock injured his pastern as a kid from being bashed by the older bucks and because of his sweet nature continued to get bullied by the other bucks even as an adult.  This sale with option for us to use him has worked out really well for everyone involved.  Thank you Penny Standerfer for taking such good care of Spock! 

Spock's maternal grand dam is currently owned (retired) by Sweet Blue Farmstead.  Spock's paternal grand dam is currently owned by Sycamore Springs Farm.


Sire: CapraKoza BT Obsidian *S *B

Dam: CapraKoza SG Black Smoke


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