Sue Rucker JUJU Nominations

We are getting ready to send in the ANDDA nominations from our herds for the Sue Rucker JUJU Awards and Hobbycroft and WitchWind have SEVEN does that qualify!  One that even qualifies for the GOLD Award (go KitKat)!  Also three that qualify for the Silver Award (Ginger, Honey, and Snazzy) and three that qualify for the Bronze Award (Pumpkin, Coco, and Devo).   Five (KitKat, Ginger, Honey, Snazzy, Coco) are all Lost Valley C Egypt +*B +*S daughters, so he again (2 years in a row) qualifies for the Sire Award.  We could not be more blessed!


2017 Show plans

We have a couple of shows that we are definitely planning on going to in 2017. 

1st one will be May 27th / 28th at the Banks of the Wabash Classic in Cayuga, IN (2 rings)

2nd one will be June 24th / 25th at the Illini Interstate Showdown sponsored by the Illinois Dairy Goat Association Club in Bloomington, IL (4 rings)

A 3rd show we will possibly be attending August 13th is the Land of Lincoln Nigerian Dwarf Goat Club Midwest Shootout in Jerseryville, Il

We would also love to attend the ADGA National Show in WI and the NAILE show in KY but not sure if those will a possibility right now.

Championship legs

We are so excited!  Snazzy (Hobbycroft Snazzy Jazzy) only needs one more leg to complete her permanent championship with ADGA!  And we are also pretty sure she will receive her *M on her butterfat (she is at 23.00 # now and for her age only needs 22.14 #.  This picture doesn't begin to show off her beautiful topline and long wide rump.  She is a dream to milk and milks down to nothing.  Her sire is Lost Valley C Egypt and her dam is Hobbycroft Jazzy Graphics who has LA'd 2 years in a row (different appraisers) with FS 90 (EEEV).   Snazzy LA'd this year as a 3 year old second freshener with FS 86 (V+EV).  She measured 20 3/4" during LA.   We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this lovely doe!

Fat Girls

The older does are really getting heavy with kid.  They are huge and they all still have approximately a month to go.