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Hobbycroft B'Dazzled (aka Daz) Sold

Daz was born March 1 2013 and was gold and white with frosted nose.  Overall she was a very correct dairy doe. She had a very docile and sweet personality.  Daz had kidded 4 times and was never able to carry kids full term.   Each time she came into milk and while not milked full 305 days, she did have quite a bit of milk like her dam.  She was line bred on ARMCH AGS Fairlea Fleur 3*D so she would have been quite nice but she was never able to carry her kids to term, so we had to send her to the sale barn after 4 tries.


Linear Appraisal

2015 - VVEV 87


Sire: Fairlea Jean-Luc

  • SS: AGS PromiseLand Incredible Hunk +*S
  • SD: ARMCH AGS Fairlea Fleur 3*D E

Dam:  CH/MCH Fairlea Bonnie

  • DS: Fairlea Cyrano De Bergerac *B (Fleur son)
  • DD: AGS Fairlea Tosca 2*M